Beauty Supply

When it comes to beauty supply, GA brides have a lot of different options. You may want to have a stylist and makeup artist come out to your wedding venue to do the hair and makeup of the bridal party, you may want to bring the whole bridal party to a salon on the morning of the big day, or you may want to buy beauty products directly from a shop. Here’s is a look at some of the options we recommend.

Honoring Your Personal Style

Whether you’re looking for beauty supply Augusta GA, beauty supply Macon GA, or something in another part of the state, you need to honor your personal sense of style. If you want soft, feminine, and traditional, you need products that can help you create that effect. On the other hand, if you want to go with an edgy modern look, you need to find the supplies and beauty professionals that can help you achieve that.

Complimenting Your Gown

If you’ve already chosen your wedding gown, you may want to look for products that compliment your dress. When looking for the right beauty supply, GA brides need to keep their gown in mind. If you have a gown with lots of sequins, you may want that mirrored in your hair accessories. Similarly, if you have a gown with sparkly accents, you may want a bit of sparkle in your makeup.

In that same vein, if you want to play with metallic colors, you may want to pair gold with ivory or champagne dresses, and if you prefer silver or white gold, you may want to pair that with pure white or light blue gowns. Luckily, there are Savannah beauty supply shops as well as shops throughout the rest of the state that can help you find exactly what you need.

Choosing Hair Products

Whether you go with a sophisticated updo or leave your flowing tresses down, you need the right hair products to make it all work, and that’s another type of beauty supply GA brides need to think about. You may want to talk with your stylist about the exact products you need. You should also stock up on hairspray and gel as well as bobby pins and other essentials so you can do emergency fixes as needed throughout the day.

Deciding on Makeup

Another decision you need to make about beauty supplies when you’re planning a wedding in Georgia deals with makeup. Your wedding is a special day, and you don’t necessarily want to wear the makeup that you wear every day. Instead, you need something more special and dramatic.

When choosing makeup, you want to look for something that compliments the color scheme of your wedding party and your wedding venue. On top of that, you need to consider what works with your skin tone. You may also want to create a coordinated look between everyone in the bridal party.

What’s Next?

To talk directly with professionals who understand beauty supply, GA brides should head down to the Georgia Bridal Show. This convention brings together multiple vendors under one roof so you can easily plan your perfect day.

If you represent a beauty supply company, contact the Georgia Bridal Show. We can help you get a booth in the show, and we can showcase your company on our website. If you want exposure, we can help.