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Allen Gunn Studios
Allen Gunn Studios

I’m Allen, and I am the main photographer. I have been a professional photographer for 18 years. I have developed my style through years of education, learning, and experience. I work photographing weddings and families and children. I focus mainly on weddings because they are the most fun to me. I have photographed weddings locally, nationally, and internationally.

The incredibly sweet and helpful, Jennifer, is my second photographer. She has been in the industry for 20 years. With her eye for detail and creative look on things, I am always eager to see what she caught during our most recent wedding. My clients always tell me how wonderful she is. Many brides thank me for bringing her because of her ability to not only capture the images but help keep the day smooth and fun.

Our goals for your wedding day are simple. We want you to have a fun, relaxed and stress-free day. A happy bride makes for great photographs. This means we will plan ahead so you will not have to direct us in any way on your day. It means we will not take over your day…it is your day, not ours.

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