Chef Leroy Inc

The creation of Chef Leroy Inc. also known as C.L.I. began in March 2011. The owner, Chef Leroy, decided to show case his talents outside of his authentic Caribbean roots. Working as part owner and Catering Chef of Caribbean Flavors, he found it was difficult to explain to potential clients that Caribbean Flavors did not only specialize in Caribbean cuisine. Catering became a challenge outside of Caribbean cuisine as others just saw him as a Caribbean chef. Being a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, Chef Leroy learned to be versatile and can create a vast variety of cuisines whether it may be Mediteranean, French, American Latin whatever your heart desire he is up to the challenge. Chef Leroy’s Virgin Island roots allows him to bring a different flavor to your palette as he fuses different cultures and cuisines together to create an amazing experience. We no longer can say he is just a Caribbean Chef who specializes in the Caribbean Cuisine. He has proven that he is a world class chef that is passionate in what he does. He calls it the “Personal Touch”as he is quickly becoming known as “The People’s Chef” through out the state of Georgia. Chef Leroy Inc. is a product of what he represents in the kitchen…excellent presentation, great tasting food, amazing customer service for all an affordable price

(678) 629-7761
Duluth, GA