Here are 8 reasons why you should consider premarital counseling before tying the knot.
1. Gain foresight.
Let’s face it – when we’re so in love, we might not think about all the things we’ll face once we get married. In premarital counseling, you’ll start to address key potential relationship growth points, so that it’s not a complete surprise when they show up later.
2. Get to know your new family.
You know the expression, “You don’t just marry your fiancé, you marry the whole family”. Well… it’s true in more ways than one. Sure you can get to know your in-laws, but do you know the ways in which your new family impacts the way your fiancé sees you and your relationship? In premarital counseling, you’ll learn how.
3. Learn how to communicate more effectively.
Do you know what type of communicator you are? Passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive, or assertive? In any relationship, it’s important to understand the way you each receive, process, and relay information. In premarital counseling work, you’ll learn how to ask for what you need, express how you feel, and actively listen to your partner.
4. Learn the BEST way to argue.
Conflict can lead to growth – IF you know how to effectively argue! You’ll learn how you share opinions, ideas, and feelings during times of conflict.
5. Reduce your risk of divorce
A 2006 study by Markham, Stanley and Amato, noted that couples who had premarital counseling were 31% less likely to get divorced. This takes the divorce rate from around 50% to less than 20%.
6. Explore hot topic issuesDelve into issues such as faith and spirituality, personality, finances, stress management, parenting, sex, and MORE!
7. Create relationship “norms” and goals together.
You have to know where you’re going together, right?
Georgia residents save on their marriage license when they complete 6 hours of premarital counseling work!
8. Increase marital satisfaction.
Bonus benefit!

Identify and communicate about your fears, desires, beliefs, values, dreams, needs and other issues and baggage that most people avoid or deny. Premarital counseling empowers couples to discuss marriage stressors before they cause harm to the relationship. This gives a marriage stability, cohesiveness and trust when the difficult times of 24/7 married life sets in.

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