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Eyes of Michael Photography
Eyes of Michael Photography

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After the hundreds of hours spent planning and preparing for your wedding, the actual day itself will likely go by in a total whirlwind. Once the I-dos have been said and done, you,ll be swept away celebrating with friends and family, making speeches, cake cutting, and dancing like there,s no tomorrow!

With all the excitement of the big day, its hard to find a spare five minutes to stop and soak up every little detail. This is why your wedding photos are so important. While the day might fly by quickly, your photos are going to be the lasting memories of an amazing day that you lll treasure forever.
With this in mind, choosing your wedding photographer is kind of a big deal. With hundreds of wedding photographers to choose from, how do you find the photographer whose style will capture your big day exactly as you, d hoped? Not to mention someone that you and your partner will be able to connect with and feel totally comfortable around?

Your wedding photographer should be one of the most carefully researched suppliers you book for your big day. Making sure you have an amazing wedding photographer to capture every carefully planned detail and intimate moment of your wedding is one of the best investments you ll make.
This why the most treasured moments in your life should be trusted with
Eyes of Michael Photography photographers.  We capture the images you would expect and also the images you would not have thought of.

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