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FauxReal Flowers
FauxReal Flowers

Custom create your dream look and RENT your flowers! -Faux flowers for Rent-

Faux Real Flowers carries ALL flower types and colors year-round. Unlike traditional florists who base their price on the flower type, FauxReal has set pricing based on the size of the arrangement, so you can get as many flowers as you like! Don’t cut your flower dreams short! Rent your flowers from FauxReal Flowers!

1. Select your location and ‘Start your proposal’ on our website to get a personalized quote on your flower rentals. Stop in the Showroom to see!

2. 25% deposit to save your wedding date and flower rentals.

3. Customize your dream flowers at your final consult!

Arrangements will be created based on your finalized ‘flower ingredients’ that you chose, so there’s no stress wondering what your flowers will look like on your wedding day. You will have already seen them! Enjoy your stress-free, hassle-free flower *rentals* from FauxReal!

Our Instagram handle is fauxreal_flowers and facebook is FauxRealFlowersNC

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