It’s Pinky Perfect

It’s Pinky Perfect
It’s Pinky Perfect

As a woman, we often have a need to buy more and more shoes, simply because we are addicted or feel that these shoes must find their way home to our closet.
It is shortly after bringing the new shoes home that we come to reality knowing that these shoes are not a good fit, BUT, they were too cute to just leave them on the shoe rack.

We think the shoes will fit differently this time around, so we give them another try.

We’re now feeling good about looking good in these new shoes, hoping that this is the day when we can wear them comfortably.

It’s not long before the pressure and friction from the new shoes begin to take a toll on our feet causing much pain.
When the shoes are ill-fitting and our toes begin to overhang, protrude, or bulge from our shoes, it leaves us with the constant urge to hide the imperfections.

Because many women are faced with runway feet and toes, It’s Pinky Perfect is focused on providing solutions to making footwear more comfortable while protecting your feet and toes.

AND, because men feet hurt too, It’s Pinky Perfect even has a solution for you.

Atlanta, GA