Julz Creations & Designs

Julz Creations & Designs, LLC has been an idea in my head as long as I can remember. My mother was a great artist and throughout my childhood she painted beautiful portraits and murals. I was not blessed with my mother’s gift or painting but I did find my own artistic path with creativity in crafts, décor, event planning, and found I had an eye for things of beauty. Over the years my friends and family have asked me for help with ideas on event planning or completing decorations for birthday parties, bridal showers, wedding showers, baby showers, holiday events…you name it. I was always eager to help and loved having a new event to plan or décor item to make. Even though this was my passion…it was not my livelihood or job. My education and professional path lead me to a very successful career that pretty much equated to a desk job, conference calls, and starring at a monitor all day long. I felt unsatisfied, stressed, and not passionate about what I was doing. After several years, I finally decided to do what I enjoy, what comes naturally to me, and where I can let me creativity fly free. Why bridal décor and why bridal bouquets? Well, this is a personal passion for me…I loved my wedding day and I had a beautiful bouquet of 2 dozen real red roses. They were gorgeous and exactly what I wanted but from the moment I picked them up their beauty started to fade. The bouquet was very heavy and during my bridal pictures several of the rose stems broke. By the end of the wedding my bouquet was quite mangled but I kept it so I could dry it and put it in a vase to remember my special day. I attempted to preserve it but that failed and was left with a very brittle, dead, and brown set of flowers. Since then, I have encouraged my friends to buy silk or real touch flower bridal bouquets and have also been asked to complete several friend’s wedding bouquets. Having a silk or real touch bridal bouquet arrangement stays just as perfect as the moment they said I do and will last a lifetime! It’s these little details in your wedding that can make it unforgettable and you can keep a piece of that day and display it in your home for years to come.

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