Lana Norris Wedding Cakes

Lana Norris Wedding Cakes
Lana Norris Wedding Cakes

Lana Norris Wedding Cakes is a small independent operation in Powder Springs, Georgia. Lana’s is the voice you will hear when you call with an inquiry or concern. She is the person with whom you will consult to design your cake and who will lovingly bake and decorate your cake. When it is time to deliver your cake the troops are called in. Rick, the driver and logistical engineer. Josiah, the youth, energy and muscle to insure that the operation runs smoothly. Olivia, chief consultant, critic, and photographer, she is the #1 assistant. And Libby,the crisis management expert who is there to provide whatever may be required in a crisis. These people are my family and are heavily invested in my success which means that they really want you to be happy with your cake.

When you select us to prepare your cake we accept that as a joyful honor, not to be overshadowed by anyone or anything else so for that reason I only accept one commission per weekend. You will be our sole concern on your wedding weekend. A wedding cake is a huge undertaking from start to finish requiring focus and hard work, long hours and love. And it is expensive. So you deserve our very best.

The specialty at Lana Norris Wedding Cakes is small to medium sized wedding cakes, three to five tiers. And sugar flowers. Sugar flowers are the most wonderful, beautiful thing you can choose to adorn your cake. They stay fresh. They are always in season. They are non-toxic. They are unique and a marvel to your guests and a real subject for conversation. They are a memorable keepsake of your wedding day…as long as you keep them dry and out of direct sunlight they will last indefinitely.

A cake should be as amazing in your mouth as it is to your eyes. The most disappointing thing in the world is to spend hours anticipating a bite of that beautiful cake only to find it dry, bland or artificially flavored. My recipe contains real butter, sugar, White Lily flour, fresh eggs, sour cream, and natural flavorings and liqueurs. No mixes and nothing artificial. And it’s tender, moist, and delicious.

Lana Norris Wedding Cakes is committed to giving you the prettiest and most delicious cake with the nicest experience you can possibly have designing and choosing what you want.

“The thing that they remember the most after the dress is the cake.”

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Powder Springs, GA