Meg & Kate Weddings

Meg & Kate Weddings
Meg & Kate Weddings

Meg and Kate are sisters who have both had a passion for photography since we were quite young.  It all started with our Dad who was a Photographer for the U.S. Army long before either of us were born.  Having grown up with a Dad who loved imagery, you could say it’s in our blood.  We learned from him how to capture and preserve moments on film.

We have both owned and operated individual photography businesses for many years.  After shooting several weddings together, we quickly realized we had a seamless synergy which made capturing weddings a ton of fun and our clients loved the results.

We laugh a lot and know how to have a good time, but take our responsibility to capture your wedding very seriously.  You can count on us to be in the background doing our job without distraction.

If we had to pick one thing we love most about photographing weddings it would be all the emotions which are shared without reservation.  There are tears of joy, cheers of happiness, sweet quiet moments and heartfelt hugs.  We are watching for these moments and love when our couples never even realized we captured them.

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer, we hope to have the opportunity to meet you.  It would be our honor to be part of your love story.

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