Roxy & Jon Photography

Roxy & Jon Photography
Roxy & Jon Photography

We are a happily married husband and wife duo. Having been through the wedding planning process, we know how you are feeling and the journey ahead of you.

As modern day storytellers, it is our honor to be able to tell stories of love, life and legacy. Not unlike those that came before us, we document stories with ink and paper, although the methods have evolved. Your wedding day will be rich with moments of raw emotion, true love and connection, all of which you will desire to remember.

The wedding experience with us is ideal for couples that desire a more sophisticated and personalized approach. We strive to provide you with a complete wedding experience, that not only results in beautiful photographs, but also your first family heirloom. Weddings are of an intimate and personal nature, so our process compliments this. In order to photograph you truly, we must truly get to know you.

Our couples love the relationships we build with them. For us, it’s not just about the wedding day, but also after. We always strive to empower our couples to achieve their own dreams and aspirations. When it comes to professionalism, we truly believe that we must act and behave as ambassadors of the industry, profession and our brand.

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