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Welcome to Sea & Sun Travel, where your heart’s desire meets the horizon!
Specializing in weaving romance into travel, we are your dedicated architects of love-filled journeys. Whether you’re dreaming of an enchanting destination wedding, a honeymoon sprinkled with stardust, an anniversary that rekindles flames, or a romantic escape that whispers love, we are here to sculpt every detail. Our expertise also extends to crafting luxurious cruises and memorable vacations for two or for whole families, ensuring every traveler finds their perfect voyage with us.
Why Choose Us?
Embrace Romance and Adventure: We breathe life into love stories. Our Certified Romance Travel advisors are maestros in orchestrating destination weddings that echo your love, honeymoons that start your forever in bliss, and anniversary trips that celebrate your journey together. Each romantic getaway is a symphony of intimate moments and breathtaking experiences, tailored just for you.
Luxury and Beyond: Our Luxury Travel expertise takes you from the hidden gems of the Maldives to the wild heart of African Safaris, and from the quaint streets of Europe to the majestic seas aboard an Expedition Cruise. Every journey with us is a tapestry of opulent experiences, designed by our Certified Luxury Travel advisors to surpass your wildest dreams.
Our Unique Touch: We are connoisseurs of personalized travel experiences. From all-inclusive relaxation to the thrill of ocean and river cruises, our canvas is vast. For more complex adventures like African safaris, destination weddings, or group travel, our meticulous planning and industry connections open doors to extraordinary, exclusive experiences.
A World Awaiting: Our expertise is as diverse as the world itself. From group excursions to round-the-world adventures, we ensure every travel dream, be it steeped in romance or adventure, luxury or discovery, is beautifully realized.

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