Southern Hospitality Travel Agency

Southern Hospitality Travel Agency
Southern Hospitality Travel Agency

We Love Travel!…Here at Southern Hospitality Travel Agency we love travel and want to provide our clients with exceptional service and memorable experiences.

Why use us?…We are your travel experts and we provide you with worry-free vacations! We do all of the leg work, planning and provide you with options for your customized vacation/trip.

We listen to our clients to find out exactly what it is that they want for a vacation. We believe each vacation you take has a specific purpose. For some, it might be to relax and recharge. For others, it might be to explore and see new sites. Or you may want a bit of both! Either way, we listen and customize a vacation/trip that meets those specific needs.

Why book through us vs. a travel website?…You can book through a website but have you ever had a question and when you tried to call you were connected to some automated system that made it almost impossible to speak to a human being?

Well, you can speak to a person when you contact Southern Hospitality Travel Agency. We believe that customer service is key and one of the most important factors in our being successful. We are here to answer questions, provide information and help you plan the best vacation/trip ever!

Do you like SAVING money?…According to ASTA…. Travelers using a travel agent reported an average savings of $452 and 4 hours of planning time per trip…You not only save money but you save time. And time is money!

We are problem Solvers!…Things can happen on trips. But here at Southern Hospitality Travel Agency, we anticipate our client’s needs. So, something as simple as monitoring weather conditions the week prior to flying or being available during your trip to assist as your personal advocate. We are there for you!

Once you book through us we continue to be the advocate for you until you return home. We help our clients throughout the entire process. That is why we are with you start to finish!

We understand! We know what it’s like to be a traveler. As we LOVE to travel too! So, our services stem from us wanting or needing specific things during our own vacations. We want to provide our clients with the type of customized service we are ourselves want to receive. We take all of the guesswork out, so you just have to show up and enjoy!

Fairburn, GA