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Brunch without a Buddy is just a lonely breakfast. With real California wine and natural flavors, Brunch Buddy is the perfect companion for any occasion — so be as bubbly as your drink and sip happy thoughts!

12 oz     5.0% ABV    Gluten Free

Local Vine
3101 Cobb Parkway Atlanta, GA
The Local Vine’s mission is to deliver a new retail experience to those seeking more out of buying alcohol. We are a modern alternative to the corner liquor store and the big box retailers. We are focused on providing a large selection of liquid provisions in an upscale, inviting environment, free from aggressive salesmen yet offering a wealth of education …
(404) 937-3060
The Hive Inc.

Chambord is a naturally-flavored, premium liqueur perfect for celebrating the major milestones in the lives of modern women.

(913) 547-7533