Wedding Gowns

When you’re planning a wedding, your gown is the jewel in the crown. When choosing wedding gowns, GA brides may want to check out one of the vendors below. Keep reading for tips on how to find the perfect dress for your special day.

Consider Location and Timing

To ensure they’re striking the right note with their wedding gowns, GA brides should think about the location and timing of their weddings. If you’re getting married outdoors or on a beach, you may want a slightly less formal dress. On the other hand, if your nuptials are going to be in a large cathedral or a beautiful hall, you may want a more formal dress. Similarly, you should talk with the wedding dress consultant about the season, so they can help you choose the fabrics and styles that work best at that time of year.

Work From the Silhouette to the Details

Often, when searching for wedding gowns, GA brides should decide on a silhouette first. Find the shapes that complement your body the best and make you feel the most beautiful. Once you’ve narrowed in on the silhouette, hone in on the details. A row of buttons here, some lace there, a bit of color — this is where the dress really becomes yours.

Blend Modern and Traditional

Ultimately, when choosing wedding gowns, GA brides need to choose the dress they like the most, but you may want to look for a blend of modern and traditional elements. Remember you’re going to have the photos from your wedding for a long time. By blending these elements, you help to ensure that your photos look beautiful and timeless long into the future.

Don’t Forget Undergarments

In addition to buying wedding gowns, GA brides should also choose undergarments. That helps to complete the look. But don’t just think about the undergarments for your big day. You may also wear nice undergarments when you’re trying on dresses. As you take on and off multiple dresses throughout the day, you don’t want to see an old bra. You want to see your inner beauty reflected back to you through the mirror. Additionally, a properly fitted bra can make a big difference to how your gown hangs on you.

Consider Lots of Options

While shopping for gowns, consider a lot of options. Give yourself a chance to go to multiple stores. Take a chance and try on dresses even if you’re not sure about the style. You may want to go to bridal shows or fashion shows to get a sense of the perfect dress, and give yourself more than a day to shop.

Take Lots of Photos

So that you can keep track of your favorite gowns, take a lot of photos. This also allows you to see how different dresses look in photographs. As you’ll be taking a lot of photos at the wedding, this is an important element to consider.

To see bridal gowns, GA brides should come to the next Georgia Bridal Show. We showcase numerous dress shops as well as a variety of other wedding vendors.

If your business is interested in exhibiting at the next Georgia Bridal Show, contact us today.

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